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My name is Johnny Jedkins, I’m 64 years old, and I have asthma and COPD. When I first started coming to Breathing Center of Houston I was skeptical, but after coming I have vastly improved with my breathing techniques. The staff is excellent there and I enjoy working with them. Though I am not where I want to be , I have made significant strides. I just want to thank everyone at BCH. Without their help I would not have been able to go on this Cruise last month to the Coco Cay Bahamas! I enjoyed being able to get outdoors for a change!

I’m Larry Dyer and I’m 76 years old and I have COPD, dyspnea, and general lung abnormalities. In November of 2019, Mary and I celebrated our 54th anniversary in the Patagonia region of South America. Many more similar celebrations now possible due to the personal conditioning provided by Breathing Center of Houston. Thank you.

I am David Powell, 59 years old, and a double lung transplant recipient from April 2019. Pulmonary Rehab helped prepare me for my surgery and in the recovery process. I want to thank Andrea and the team at the Breathing Center of Houston Eldridge location.
Red Fish, Galveston TX, November 2019.

I’m Fran Studdard, 72 years old, and I was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease last summer,  the doctor told me that I’d probably never do anything strenuous again without supplemental oxygen. But after 3 ½ months at the Breathing Center of Houston in Sugar Land, I’m thrilled to be playing pickleball again—without my portable oxygen concentrator!

My name is John Craig I’m 75 years old and I have COPD and Asthma. I’ve been attending the Breathing Center of Houston in Bellaire. Thanks to pulmonary rehab I am back to enjoying my favorite hobby- Fishing! Picture taken January 19, 2020 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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